Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago I took for granted everything in my life! Most of us do. I had a husband,4 beatiful children, a house, a great school district, 2 cars, and so much more... too much to list. I would have classified it as "white pickit". I never looked back and I watched the milestones that my kids made with a smile but never a second thought. Little did I know how wonderful something so simple as a smile or the ability to sit up was!

March 25th, 2007 changed all of that for me! Over the last year there has been much pain and sorrow but also a ton of joy and hope! It has brought me closer to my God, kids, family, friends, and community. Its has showed me glimpses of what life is really about. What truley matters! Everyday life gets a little easier. God has been so gracious to this family. Thank You Jesus for all of the progress that Makenzie has made. Thank You for old and new friends! Thank You for always being there for us in this storm! Thank You for putting the right people in the right place at the right time! Thank You for Discount Tire and all of the people in this nation that have prayed for Makenzie and helped relive some of our finacial burden! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

As I look toward the new year ahead of us I am excited! I am tired in so many ways but I will not give up! The sin in the world will not defeat me! God will overcome! What His plan is I don’t know. I have begun to learn that His timing is always perfect! That is not to say this still isn’t hard because it is! There is so much more that we haven’t tried. We have God and time on our side! We have tons of people that love and support us. It is going to be a GREAT year!

Some of my goals for this next year are lots more bio medical treatments! Unfortantly this means money!

We just did SIRRI with great success! She is rolling numerous times in a row. She will lay on the floor with out being held and kick and move her arms for up to 30 min! She is holding on to toys and not letting go even with movement. I am hearing a lot more different sounds and we haven’t really even begun to process most of this new input!

I would like to do suit therapy in Florida for 3 weeks.

We are still trying to buy our own HBOT Chamber.

I want to try stem cells.

Last but not least I want to continue with the DAN Doctor! We did an IV push of a strong antioxitent on Friday befor we left Pheonix and it improved her tone ALOT!!!! Even the Peds doctor could tell!

Most of all for this year I would like to ask that you all keep Makenzie in your prayers! God is the Mighty Healer and if he wants to use our earthly treatments to show his Glory then he will open doors to us! Please pray for our Princess! Prayer works! Believe! Healing and Restoration for Makenzie is happening right now!



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