Monday, March 3, 2008

Me and My Bumbo Chair

Me and my Bumbo chair

Makenzie is doing so well! She has been holding up her head so much better! The GJ tube continues to work very well! Her weight still seems to be fluxuating yesterday I got a weight of 20.2 lbs and today 19.4 lbs! I don't get it! She is getting her full feeds though and seems to be tolerating it well. The calorie supplement that the hospital recommened is on back order with Option 1. Oh well out of my hands! She has also been making eye contact a ton! It is so much fun to see her smile, looking you in the eyes and know that she is in there! She has also become ticklish! That is so much fun! She just giggles and giggles!

We will be standing in Arizona at this time next week! I am so excited to see all of the friends that I made there last summer! Please pray that everything goes smoothly! Pray that the boys are well cared for, that Makenzie adjusts to a new enviornment, that I will get a free flight from Miracle Flights ( with everything that went on in the last 2 weeks I wasn't able to get my paperwork in to them until Friday), and that we will have a good lodging experience! One of my good friends offered us her home! I am excited about that! I don't want to to overwhelm her and her family though.... 2 weeks is a long time! God will sort it all out! I just can't wait to see every one and be able to do another round of SIRRI! It seemed to help so much the first time! Keep praying for Makenzie! She is growing up so fast!

I am healing more evey day!


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