Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McDonalds Night

Taday was another good day! Makenzies did really good in Therapy today! She had PT, OT and speech twice! She was all smiles and willing to work hard! In PT her therapist showed me a bunch of simple things for me to do with Makenzie while we are gone! She played peek-a-boo with her PT and Speech therapist. IT was so cute! They took a blanket and put it over her lights and sounds mirror. She was having so much fun looking at herself! Yep, she is a girl! They turned it to a little bit different angel and when they started to help her push the blanket off she leaned over with her head sideways and the cutest little look on her face! They weren't moving the blanket fast enough and she found a way to see!!! She has had REALLY good head control lately as well!

On Sunday after Church we went to McDonald's. There is a very wonderful lady that works there who always talks to the kids! She is so friendly and we always look forward to going to that McDonald's to see her! She came and sat down with us for a little bit on Sun and I gave her one of Kenzie's cards and shared with her a bit more of her story.

She then so generously offered to talk to her GM about doing a McDonalds night for Makenzie! We had a bunch of errands to run tonight after therapy so I quick stopped through the drive thru and evern in the car she recognized us! She asked me to come in tomorrow to talk with her about do a Makenzie's Miracle McDonalds night!!!! I am so excited! It is so wonderful to know that a huge company like that cares! It is so nice to know that one single person cared enough to try and help a total stranger! I feel so blessed! SO......... Watch for that night and come out to support Makenzie! The more time goes on the more it has become apparent that this journey is not near over! Every piece of equipmnet and therapy is very expensive!!! It seems like everything that has the word 'therapy" in it is overpriced by 10 fold!

Keep praying for Makenzie! Pray for her healing! God's Grace continues to get us through!


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