Friday, March 7, 2008

GI Appointment


We went to see the GI doctor yesterday. I really like him a lot. We dicussed the hospital stay and talked about where to go from here. He agreed with me that the J tube should have been done a long time ago! He also said that there were "too many cooks in the kitchen" when I came to Makenzie's gut issues and that it was about time that someone listened to me!!! Sooo he said that since she was tolerating the formula that she is on right now that he wanted to leave that alone untill we get her at a stable weight. According to "HER" growth chart should be somewhere around 10.5 kg. He agreed that she didn't need to reach what all of the previous Doctors had established as her "ideal weight". She is a tiny little girl and always has been! She has never been on the charts, let alone in the 25th -50th percentile! We are going to follow up with him and the GI dietitians in a month. When they weighed her she was up to 9.7kg! GOOOOO Makenzie!

We are less than 48 hours away from leaving for Arizona! Please keep praying for safe travel and healing! SIRRI did wonders for her last summer! Pray that this treatment will bring her to the next level in the healing of her sensory system! Thank You to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers! Keep BELIEVING..... PRAYER WORKS!



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