Monday, March 31, 2008

Crazy Day

Today was CRAZY! Makenzie had OT, PT, and ST all before 10:30am! We then packedin the car and headed to Children’s Hospital to have some blood drawn for a lab that Kenzie’s new doctor in AZ ordered! She had to fast for this test so I turned her pump off at 3am. We got the blood drawn and got home at about 2pm. I then went to put her to bed and tried to move her to the other side of the bed not knowing that my knee was on the tubing! Well I ended up pulling the valve completly out of her button! SO....... back to Children’s Hospital I went, stomache acid everywhere! It was great!!!! Got that all fixed up and back home we trucked!

Over all it was a good crazy day! Makenzie did well in therapy and tollerated being poked and proaded very well! Tomorrow we go to see a new DAN doctor! Please pray that he will be ab;e to provide the services that were recommended by Kenzie’s new Doctor in AZ! We sure can’t get on a plane to AZ every week! Keep praying! We so value all of your thoughts and prayers!


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