Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Update

Makenzie is doing well! Last night was a little rough as Kenzie did not sleep great! She took a 4 hour nap today and went to sleep at 9 and is sleeping well! I gave her a dose of Motrin befor her nap and bed tonight and she seemed to settle down a bit better. I'm not sure what that means but it seemed to do the trick! The j feedings are still going well! We made it up to 60mls per hour! She got over 1000 total mls yesterday. Her stomach did great but it created a ton of saliva from the extra hydration so we had to back down to 50mls per hour to let her little body adjust! She couldn't handle all of her spit! There is a medication out there to control secretions but I still need to read up on the side effects to determine if we will use it!

She did great in Therapy! Her PT was still overjoyed will the results Kenzie is getting from not having a stomach ache all of the time! She was able to get her in half kneel and all fours with out much complaint from Makenzie! Then she put a rubermaid between her legs with a ball on top and Makenzie pushed the ball off of the tub and was so proud of herself! She was smiling from ear to ear! She was able to do this with both arms! Praise God! It was so GREAT to see her use her little arms to play again! She is no where near normal yet in her arms and hands but with baby steps she is getting there!!!! Thank You all for the prayers! Keep praying! God is so good!


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