Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pump Trouble

Today was a good day. Makenzie did well in therapy. When her OT came she did some stretches with her mouth and then they sat and played back and forth. She but her sock over her eyes to see if she would move her head or bring her hands up to push it away. She did both! When her therapist asked if she wanted the sock on her nose again she YELLED at her. It was so funny! It was a definite additude!!! She was telling her NO WAY!!

She was a bit cranky this morning so I gave her some more Motrin. I am not sure what but somthing really seems to be bothering her. I can't decide if if we over stretched a muscle or if it has something to do with her tube site. The site is a bit red and she really complains when you touch it. I am going to try to get her in to the Special Care Clinic tommorrow for her new wonderful doctor to look at it.

Tonight went I went to start her feed ..... her pump (that I have had for a grand total of 6 days) wouldn't work. I called our feeding company and he should be out here with a new one in a couple of hour! I felt so bad because he had to go all of the way back to the warehouse to get it! I love our delivery guy from Option One! He has been so good to us! Option One is a great company! They have put up with a lot from us because of all of Kenzies feeding issues! They have done great with accomadating all of her needs in a very timley fashion! Thank you!!!

Keep praying for Makenzie's healing and restoration! Prayer Works!


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