Friday, February 15, 2008

In Tummy Heaven


Makenzie is doing GREAT today! She slept 13 hours last night and woke up very happy! We had PT at Children's this morning. Her therapy went well. We got her Theratog today so we tried it on and did her therapy session in it. The Theratog is a very tight fitting suit that you can strap different ways to help certian parts of the body fire and gives a ton of deep presure. It is a little big but will fit well when we gain some weight with out new GJ tube!!! I will post some pictures of her in it soon.

We came home from PT at Children's and had PT here at home. Her therapists picked her up and immediatly could tell a difference in Makenzie! She had great back extention and was rotating with wonderful head control! I looked at her PT with a smirk and asked her to try some of the activities that usally always cause her to vomit. She replied with a smile "Are you sure?". Needless to say Makenzie did not throw up or even so much a reflux one time and we tried them all! She didn't complain at all about being on her belly either!

After Makenzie was all tuckered out from working very hard her PT and I talked for a bit. I had expressed to her yesterday that I was so happy we finally had a promising option to help Makenzie gain weight and be more comfy but I was upset that we weren't told about this option 9 months and thousands of dollars later! In conversation today I explained that after my night of reflection last night that I wasn't upset because God is in control and His timing is perfect! The next statement really got me excited! She said to me that maybe it was also God's teaching that was perfect! I hope that many doctors look at this very long and hard struggle that Makenzie has had with her stomach and really learn something! We are going to document this all so that someday it may keep another kiddo from suffering down this same road! God is so good!!! HE IS IN CONTROL!!!

Makenzie is taking a nap and then we have one more therapy today! I can't wait to see her OT's response to Makenzie with out a belly ache! I don't think I have felt this encouraged in a very long time! Her gut problems have honestly been the hardest part of her injury! Please pray that Makenzie will tolerate getting up to 60-70 ml per hour so that she can get enough calories and not be hooked up to her feeding pump ALL day! We are at 40ml per hour now so we are over half way there! The plan is to get to 60ml by tomorrow or Sun at the lastest! Please say a prayer of Thanksgiving today for all of the blessings God has Graced us with in the last few days!


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