Saturday, February 16, 2008

I LOVE this New Tube!!

Makenzie is doing well again today! She slept all night. This makes 3 nights in a row! She got up around 9am. She was all smiles and talking! We hing out at home for a while and played. She was amazing! I put her in her walker and she stayed for over 20 min with her head up watching her brothers and the TV! I took her out and layed her on her stomach over her Boppy pillow and she pushed up with her arms and lifted her head all of the way up to follow the boys side to side across the room! After about 5 min she decided that she had enough and brought her knees up. It looked like she was just going to crawl away! She also put her butt up a couple of times. It was really cute as the whole time she was grunting! Tons of work! She is such a fighter!

As for her feeding we are up to 50ml an hour! Ya God! She seemed a little tight around noon so I stopped the feed and vented her stomach. She has been burping but there was still a bit of air in her tummy. As soon as we got the air out she loosened up and went right to sleep for her afternoon nap! I think we are going to stay at 50ml untill tomorrow. She is now at the number of calories she was getting befor the new tube! (850ish) The dietitian would like her to get to 1200 calories per day to see good weight gain! She CAN do it! God provided this and he will lead us all the way to the finish line! Thank you for all of the prayers! Keep thanking God for this new healing! Keep praying for Makenzie!


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