Thursday, February 28, 2008

Human Services Meeting

Well God provided yet again! We met with the Social Worker this afternoon. It was short and sweet with no pointed questions! She was very nice and understanding. She had spoke with Makenzie's pediatritian on Tuesday and he had NO concerns. We knew that already. Her Pediatritian has been great through out this Journey! They have always been available to talk, to fit Makenzie or the boys into the schedule, and now advacating for not only Makenzie but our whole family. We even have our own nurse at their office..... well 2 nurses! I love them so much! We have been going to them since Zach was born ten and a half years ago! Thank you thank you thank you Dr Adam, Dr. Joe, Dr. Ashley, Dee Dee, TyAmber, and the whole staff!

The Social Worker is going to look through her Medical Records and said she would call me back in a couple of days. She said as long as she didn't find anything concerning (which she won't) that all of this will be dropped. Thank You Jesus!

I still don't think I can go back to Children's but I will be praying for an answer to that one. Makenzie really needs that Hospital and some of the very specialized Doctors there. We will try to meet her needs elsewhere but if we can't God will protect us! Makenzie's needs come first before my pride, fear, or anger! Please keep praying for my little girl! I am emotionaly exhausted! Tommorrow is a new day! It will be a good one!


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