Saturday, February 9, 2008

Here I come

Makenzie had a pretty good day today. She has 2 somewhat sleepless nights and short naps. She very cranky this morning. I have been trying some different ways to feed her because she seems to do better when I feed her while she is asleep. Every time I get out the syringe she starts to cry. She knows what I am going to and doesn't like it at ALL. We also added some different formula. I don't know if her belly hurt or if she was just tired from not sleeping well. She is sleeping well now so I pray that she will do better tonight.

She was so cute tonight! Kaleb was being silly and running in and out of our family room. She laughed so hard that she started coughing! She did this for almost 20 min. He changed the game a couple of times. and she was so happy. She was following him back and forth across with her eyes and head just as fast as he was running!

Then she decided that she was in the mood to take a bunch of steps with me holding her she thought that this was also very fun laughing all the way! She has also been looking at toys! She usally likes to hear them but not look at them. I am so proud of her! She is doing so well. Keep up the prayers! God is the most powerful healer!


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