Friday, February 15, 2008

GJ Tube

Happey Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Makenzie was such a trooper today! We went to Children's Hopital again. We met with a dietitian in the Special Care Clinic to discuss feeding with a GJ tube. We talked about Makenzie's diet restrictions and what the best options are for a formula to get in the calories she needs. We discussed this also with the Doctor and decided to start very slow. We are going to give her Neocate. This is the most hypoalerginic formula on the market. She also sat down and gave me a 7 day feeding plan to get her up to 1200 calories! I am extatic! I have been asking for this for 9 months now! This new doctor in the Special Care Clinic is GREAT!!!! She has listened to me and been very proactive in helping Makenzie! I am very impressed! She has personaly called me back several times in the last 24 hours and done everything she said she would do!!! I am so thankful for this!

Then we headed over to radiolagy and had the GJ Tube placed. Yes, it was that easy!!!!! Makenzie was not very happy with the whole ordeal but it took less than 10 minutes and bam ALL DONE! I think the hardest and most uncomfortable part was getting a 16 french tube in a 14 french hole! The bigger tube fits much better though and is way more snug to her stomach! This also should be more comfortable for her!

We came home and started using her new tube at 3:00pm and upped the speed 2 times! She has done great! We also got a new pump that can be used in any direction. That is nice because her old pump had to be stood straight up and down or it would not run!

I sat down tonight after ALL of the kids were in bed and thought back on the last nine months and the past 24 hours. The end thought was GOD IS SOOO GOOD! It has only taken 28 years, and the near death of my precious baby girl, but I think I finally get it. Well some of it. :) I don't believe any of us will ever fully get it!

Last night I was talking to a freind and stuggling with how to leave Makenzie's feeding issues in Gods hands. In the end as a human I have to make the decision. I started to worry about the GJ Tube and wether or not it was going to work because of the bigger tube and the smaller hole issue. The song with the short phrase.... God is in control popped in my head and I said a short prayer leaving the sucsess of the GJ placement in his hands and let it go. When I got up this morning I sang the little piece of that song and asked God to open doors if this was the right thing to do and then headed off to the hospital. In the last 24 hours i have met the 2 most helpful doctors and everything went so smooth I was able to stop at the store for cold medicine, grab something to eat and still make it home in time to pick the kids up from school at 2:30pm! (my appointment was at 1:00pm!) God provided for Makenzie! God is so GOOD!

Makenzie was also very verbal and happy this afternoon! It was so nice to not have to watch her reflux and puke all day! She seemed much more happy and content! Thank You for all of your thoughts and prayers! GOD IS IN CONTROL! We can prepare the horse for battle but the victory is in GODS hands! Thank You Jesus! Keep praying for Makenzie's continued healing!


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