Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thankful Heart

Hello All
It is now 2008 and I have been reflecting on all of the things that I am so thankful for! It is so easy to be down and frustrated with everything life throws at you but the GRACE and FAVOR of God is so uplifting and wonderful. God is so Good and Kind. He has given or family so much and continues to provide. THANK YOU JESUS! To start with, we have, 4 beautiful kiddos, a house to live in, good schools, a wonderful church family, a outstanding super supportive extented family,unreplacable friends, access to superb healthcare, Chris's great job with Discount Tire, The Bruce Holly Fund, fabulous therapists, overwhelming understading of Makenzie's medical needs,a great Chiropractor, an incredably inteligent homapathy doctor, financial freedom to try biomedical treatments, and so, so, much more.

Makenzie is doing so well. She is really starting to giggle more! The pathways to laughing and crying are right next to each other so sometimes when she laughs she will also cry. It is so cute! The connection is THERE! She is healing! She is also starting to regain her balance! Front to back AND side to side. She is on her way to standing and walking again someday! (SOON!!)

We took a short field trip to the hospital on Thursday to have Makenzie's blood drawn for a food sensitivity test and it went great!! Well, until Sage labs got the blood. Needless to say we have to try again because they were unable to seperate the blood for testing. Hopefully we will get the new blood draw kit Monday morning and can get back to Childrens Monday afternoon to draw her blood again. This test will give us a better idea of what food her body will handle and map out how to start adding more food back into her diet. Please pray that the blood gets there in a condition that can be tested! Thank You all for your thoughts and prayers! Take a moment to gives thanks for all of the Grace and Favor God has given us on this journey!


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