Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stem Cells

Everyone has heard the contraversy over stem cell transplantation! This consept has been on the back burner of my mind from day one of Makenzie's injury. I have searched many sites and read many reports on its effectivness. The jury is still out but I did find an American Doctor (Thanks to Lindsey!!! Santana's Mommy!) that oversees the proccess with a Doctor is Mexico! It would be using umbilical cord stem cells. This is the safest cell to use because it is so immature and dosen't have much chance of graph vs. host problems being that it has not yet formed the immune coating that our cells have to make them "ours". I have not done enough research as of yet to know if this is a treatment that we would consider for Makenzie. I do I feel like a lot of information was sent our way so with God's discression we are going to persue more information on this procedure! Please pray that God will lead us in the direction he would have us go with this information. We have a consultation scheduled with this Doctor in CA on the 4th of February over the phone. It would be helpful if anyone would comment on this in the guest book or on this blog with any thoughts or questions you might have that would be good to ask the doctor! I have a ton but in talking with a few people they have come up with some that I had not thought of! It is a very cutting edge concept and way over my head so anything would be great! Making the most out of this appointment is very important!

Makenzie si doing well! She is still babbling tons and even mimicing some sounds! She also continues to roll over well with much more consistantcy! Befor we know it she will be rolling across the room! Her smile and laugh continue to brighten everyday! All of our kiddo are such a blessing!

The boys have asked to go to the rec center to go swimming this afternoon so I am going to attemt to take them after Makenzie wakes up from her nap! This could be very interesting!!! I'm sure we will have fun. Maybe even get a few swimming in Jan., in Colorado,with snow on the ground, yes we are crazy, pictures!!!!

Keep praying for continued restoration and healing for Makenzie! Pray that if God put this stem cell procedure in out laps that he will guide us through open doors and if it is not for Makenzie that he will slam the door in our face leaving no questions of wether or not we should do this for Makenzie! Thank You all!


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