Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sorry it has been awhile. Makenzie has been doing alright. She is talking.smiling, laughing, and rolling! She has also been throwing up again. We went to Childrens hospital today and met with a wonderful doctor in the Special Care Clinic. She did an x-ray to make sure her bowels were not impacted. They are not. She also ran a CBC, to test her iron levels. These levels are all perfect! The other suggestion for the immediate future is a GJ Tube. Makenzie already has a G Tube. The difference is that the G part of a GJ tube goes into her stomach and the J part goes into her intestines. You have to drip food very slow with a J tube and you can bolus (faster, with more volume) with the G tube part. So she would get the best of both worlds! We could feed her slow at night without the fear of vomit and small volume during the day with less chance of reflux and vomit. This GJ tube can be placed without and sedation in the radioaligy department. Please pray for God to give us a stong feeling about this and for us to make the right decision.


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