Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pine Hill Alabama Rocks!

I got a phone call this afternoon from my mother in law in Lake Charles, LA, (Granny Kay). We talked for a while and then she told me that her sister's church, Pine Hill Chapel,in Pine Hill, Alabama, had taken an offering up for Makenzie's Medical Fund. Their goal was $500 and in the end this wonderful church of around 150 members raised $2000 for our precious little girl! Thank You so much, Suzanne and The Pine Hill Chapel for giving Makenzie the blessing of continued healing and restoration options!

We are considering a few different therapies for Makenzie over the next few months. In March we will be heading back to Arizona to do another round of SIRRI. This Sensory Intagration program seemed to help Makenzie noticeably with her tracking and looking towards the origin of the noise. The goal of this therapy is to reconnect the auditory, vestibular, and visual pathways in her brain together. (www.sirriaz.com)

The other therapy is in Florida. It is called suit therapy. This is done with a tight fitting suit and bungee cords! The suit helps load the body correctly so that you can feel correct weight bearing. They can pull pressure in different places to help motivate the use and firing of other muscles! One of my friends who's child had a similar accident did this in New York and said that it was great therapy! She thinks that Makenzie is really ready for it! Also if we do not get our Hyperbaric Chamber by the time we do this we can finish up the last 40 of our 120 dives in Fl. If done with the suit therapy they have a really good package deal!

Makenzie continues to do well! She is rolling better every day and babbles more and more! She seems to be exchanging convesation and when asked to say ahhh most of the time she will respond with ahhhh or yeah with yeah and so on. it is so cute! She has been sleeping a lot better also! God is so good! Please pray for continued healing for Makenzie! She is on a roll!!!!!!


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