Thursday, January 10, 2008

New AFO's

We went to Children's Yesterday and had Makenzie's blood drawn again for the food sensitivity test and it went well. They seperated the blood befor they sent it off so there should be no problems this time. I decided to go up to rehab and check to see if her new foot braces(AFO's) were in and they were! So they fitted them right then and there and sent us on our way. We had PT in the afternoon and did tons of weight bearing and checked her feet for any redness or breakdown from the AFO"s and there was none!! This is wonderful because now she is getting good support in her ankles and it also helps to take her out of some of her patterns that cause her to become stuck in certian positions. Thank you Greg for doing such a GREAT job!

The other wonderful thing that is still continuing to improve is the loosenes in her shoulders! She is getting so much movement in her arms and has been doing a ton of pushing through both arms. We are also begining to see a lot more movement from her fingers. She is opening and closing her hands sometimes even getting her fingers around a toy or my finger! She is getting good at pushing my hand away too when I try to put in her feeding attachment. It is SO CUTE!!!!!

Sometimes it is hard for me to see all of the little changes in Makenzie but more and more the people in her life have been commenting on how aware she is getting! There is no more blank stare!!! In PT today we were writting down her activities to work on over the next few days and we have now added in TELLING her what to do when she gets stuck and she has been responding. If she is rolling and she needs to bring her leg over we tell her "Makenzie bend your leg and bring it over here." and she will respond with that movement! We are so excited! Prayer work! With the Grace of God our mighey healer Makenzie continues to make huge steps forward! Please keep up the prayers. Pray for more arm movement and strength. For more laughs and babbling. For good sleep. For her oral motor skills(so we can take the g-tube out) For restoration of God's little girl back to the the way she was befor March 25th 2007! We BELIVE!!!!!!!!


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