Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wednesday, January 23, 2008
We had a meeting today with ALL of Makenie's home therapists! We went over her goals that we set for her 3 months ago. She met all of them but one!!!! She is not yet reaching amd pushing to activate a toy, but everything else she not only met but surpassed! That is so encouraging! It was also so nice to have everyone in the same room at the same time. Makenzie is so loved by all of these therapists! Thank You so much Pam, Kelly, Lyn, Stephanie, Stacey, and Anna for showing us how much you care by rearanging your day for Makenzie! It means a lot to us!!! We set up all new goals for the next 3 months and will have another pow wow then!

Makenzie is doing well!!! She is really babbling tons!!! Yesterday her OT was playing with her and she responded "yeah" to a question! Was that really what she said? I don't know, but I dont care!!!!!! She is also following directions with a very quick response time!!! We were rolling tonight and she was stuck so I told her to turn her head and immediatly to moved her head to the other side and finished the roll!!! She has also been moving her arms and fingers much more!!! Three times tonight I went to pick her up and she put her hands down to get me to pick her up! God is so good! We see him everyday in Makenzie!

I am so proud to get to be the mommy of such a special little girl and three wonderful little boys!!!! Please keep sending up the prayers for Makenzie's restoration! Believe in the Favor and Grace God continues to rain down on Makenzie as we keep receiving God's powerful blessing of healing!!!!


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