Friday, January 18, 2008

I can Roll!!!

Just a quick YEAH GOD! Makenzie had PT at Children's and at home today. At Children's her therapist put her on a huge ball on her stomach and she lifted her head up, pushed up with her arms and held it there for over 3 min!!!!! She has been holding her head up on her stomach for a while but for very short periods of time. So 3 minutes is GREAT! She also stood up next to a toy shopping cart and her therapist helped move her legs and when she got next to the cart we would tell her to push and a couple of times she pushed the cart forward!!! It was a great session!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

Then we came home and she ate about 3 oz of pork and pears orally and as soon as we were done her other PT showed up. She did wonderful for her as well!!! Kenzie was very vocal and giggled while they were playing. As her PT was getting ready to leave I laid Makenie down on the mat and she proceeded to roll onto her stomach, lift her arm above her head, pick her head up all of the way off of the floor, turn it over to the other side, move her hips and legs, and BAM she is all of the way over!!! ALL BY HERSELF!!! She has also been rolling for some time now but aways with minimal help! YEAH GOD again, and again, and again!!!! The best part is that she did t 2 more times after that, also with NO help!!! She is doing soooo well! We keep seeing new stuff everyday! It is so great. Keep Praying, Keep Praying, Keep Praying!!!!! Thank You all from the bottom of my heart!!!! God Bless!


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