Wednesday, January 30, 2008




Makenzie has had a great day today! She has been rolling and sitting very well today! She has also been talking a lot! In PT she responded twice with a "yeah" like sound when asked if she wanted to go down the slide again!

My friend Jenny stopped by as well today. Her son Gabe also suffered an anoxic brain injury almost 4 years ago by choking on a grape. Gabe has fought so hard to recover and is doing VERY well! He is walking, talking, and trying to potty train! His road and recovery was very similar to where Makenzie is now! Over the years Gabe has had tons of OT, PT, Speech, Hippo therapy, HBOT, Water therapy, suit therapy and much , much more!
Words can not express my appritiation for Jenny's friendship! She has traveled down this road befor me with Gabe and has been such a source of encouragement and hope! I thank God every day for bringing us together! Four year later Gabe is doing SO WELL but his journey continues and is still very intense and time consuming, but it does get a little easier!

Thank You Jesus for Gabes restoration! Thank You for Jenny and Thank You for the continued restoration and healing in Makenzie! Gods grace is so powerful! Thank You Jesus! Keep praying for these kiddos! Prayer Works!


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