Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year


As we leave 2007 and begin 2008 we are reminded how precious life is! 2007 was a very trying year to say the least, but we made it through in one piece.

As I sit and reflect on LAST year my heart breaks for a family in who nearly lost their son on Christmas Day. Little Jake almost drowned in a backyard fish pond and is now fighting for his life in the PICU. We were in those same shoes last year. It seems like forever ago. Reading his mommys updates have brought me back to the day of Makenzie's injury. All of the dispair, the sounds, the smells, the doctors, the medicine, the uncertainty of what the future will bring. It was any parents worst nightmare come true. We were however not alone! God has been there from the begining and continues to carry us through. All of thoughs memories are just that..... fading away with every passing day. Each day gets a little better. God has blessed us with so many people that have walked beside us and carried us when we couldn't walk any more. We have also met many families who are walking down similar roads. This has also been a true gift from God.

Then when I think about the year ahead of us I am reminded of Gods Love. The hope that he has given me is also so overwhelming. We are so greatful for our friends, family and community in this nation and around the world! Words can not express how much of a gift you all have been and continue to be. This is going to be a year of healing,joy, laughter, family, and I am sure pain! It will be worth it! We look foward to seeing all of the powerful things God has instore for us this year and pray for restoration not ony for Makenzie but for all of Gods children. Makenzie is a very special little girl who has touched so many lifes for Jesus! I can't wait untill she can tell me all about seeing Jesus and his Angels that have been with her! We are truley blessed! Keep Praying and Believing. This year is going to be GREAT!!!! God Bless Pam


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