Thursday, January 17, 2008


We went to Children's on Tuesday and met with the dietitian. She went over what Makenzie was eating on a daily basis. She said that she had dealt with her formula before and that it was a good one. I was happy about that because I fully expected her to be dissatisfied because I had got it from a homapathy doctor. She also went over her daily calories and we were close so she came up with a few ways to get in a coupe hundred more calories and hopefully she will start gaining some weight! We also added iron because neither her formula nor her vitamin and mineral supplement had much iron in them.

Makenzie was very cranky today and slept rough last night. It seemed like there was something hurting her but she isn't sick so I hope it was just her mood for today! She didn't take a nap so she went to bed early tonight.

We have also started to feed her orally again!!!! Yeah God!!!! She is doing REALLY well. Even in her bad mood today I was able to get about 6 oz in her mouth with no gagging or coughing! Her swallow is coming much faster! I would like to start trying different textures and start working on the chewing. Her OT and I will talk about that next week. We are also having a meeting to update her IFSP with ALL of her therapists so I hope to get that on there for a goal in the next 3 months!

Over all things here are great! She is on a role as her PT put it today! Keep praying for our little angel!! She is so tough! She is coming back! This week she has been so aware this week and seems to be interacting with the people around her so much more! Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray! Thank You all so much for being such wonderfull prayer warriors for Makenzie! The impact is GREAT!!!


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