Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I thought i would post a quick update. Makenzie is doing great. She decided last night that the new bed time for a two year old should be after 3 am but she slept in until 10 and took a good nap. She went down for bed tonight at around 9:30 so i think she is back on track!

She had PT and Speech therapy today and did great in both! We are working on weight bearing through her arms and shoulders. She is doing really well on the right side and starting to show improvements on the left! This is huge stuff!!! She has also tolerated being in all fours and can support most of her weight for a short time. Crawling here we come!!!! She has also been able to lift her head up while on her tummy and can look to both sides. She is no longer lock into her shoulder which my PT says is because of the wonderful chiropractic work she has been getting for the last 2 months! The people at Saddle Rock Family Chiropractic have been so wonderful to our family! God brought us to them and they have not only offered to help Makenzie but are treating our whole family. Thank You Dr. Jess!!! (www.saddlerockchiropractic.com)

In speech we played for awhile and then worked on eating and mouth stimulation. We tried Stage 3 more chunky food and Kenzie did great! She is an her way, slowly but surely, to getting rid of her G-tube!! She has also been smiling tons and I have gotten a giggle out of her at least once a day for the last 4 days!!! Yeah GOD!!! She has also been making some different sounds. It has been so much fun to hear her voice again. She is not really"babbling" but these precious noises are happening outside of her cry!!! We love her soooo much!! Please keep praying for Makenzie! I hope to also get some new pictures up in the next few days so watch for them but for now I am off to bed! Thank You all for everything. Your prayers and support continue to bless our souls!!!


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