Friday, January 4, 2008

All F!ours

Makenzie had a good day! She slept from 9pm untill 9:30 this morning! She had PT and did great! She was activating her tricepts and using her hips all by herself! She is such a strong little angel! She is doing a great job of putting weight into her arms and all fours is looking better and better! She can hold up her own weight for about 8 seconds! She has also been taking a lot of steps for me! Some of these are reflexive and some are not but the point is she is doing it! The more movement the better! Makenzie has also been doing a great job of holding up her head! She hasn't been dropping it as much but when she does she always brings it right back up! Thank You Jesus! You have been so good to us! Please keep praying for Makenzie's Miracle! It is here and there is still much more to come! I stand in awe everyday at God's power! He is the almighty healer! Please believe that with us!! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAYER WORKS!


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