Monday, December 3, 2007


Makenzie is doing GREAT. She is getting so much personality. She has been so smiley and fun lately. I took her to Children's twice this week for therapy and they we're so amazed at her progress! We haven't been there for therapy in almost a month because of the holidays and Adams camp. She just seems so much more aware of everything and is starting to respond to questions with physical responses! We put the tree up and I stood in the hallway and said "Makenzie .... look at the Christmas tree" and with out any physical prompt she turned and looked right at it! She did the same at church today when I asked her to look at the kids that were lined up in the hallway getting ready to sing! Thank You soooo much to ALL of the kiddo's at Eastern Hills that have been praying for Makenzie! You are such a blessing to our family!

We also had a appointment this week with her rehab doctor, pediatrition,and some of her therapists this week at Children's to discuss Makenzie's care and progress. It went fine but I feel like I am chasing my tail on the feeding, calories, reflux, medication for reflux, and nissen surgery ordeal. Makenzie is still having big issues in the acid reflux department. She has been refuxing nearly every feeding and sometimes all day. It is probably very painful, can get into her lungs, and is keeping her from being able to take in enough food to gain as much weight as she needs to. The best treatment they can come up with is a surgery that would take part of the stomach and wrap it around the esophagus. This would let food go in through her mouth but not come back out. In theory it sounds wonderful but like with any surgery there are side effects. Please pray that God would make the right decision VERY clear to us so that we will have peace and Makenzie can be more comfy in her stomach without the constant spitting and puking with or without the surgery!

Thank You all for your prayers! It is late and I am scatterbrained ....Sorry! I have so much more to say but Kenzies feed it done and I can now go to bed! Thank You for loving my little girl so much and for all of the support! Keep praying!! It works!!


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