Monday, December 10, 2007

Reflux Away

I think I might get to go to bed early tonight but I wanted to quick get an update posted. Makenzie is doing great! I talked to a homeopathic doctor on Thursday and then went to a GI specialist and boy were their thoughts on totally different playing fields in regards to Makenzie's reflux! The GI doc wants to do an endoscopy. This would require putting her under and probing her digestive tract. NO GO, NO WAY! The other opinion is to take her off of the processed formula that is more or less refined sugar water and heal her gut. We choose this option! She has been on a homemade formula for about 3 days now and I would say that her reflux has improved by at least 75%!!! YEAH GOD! We will continue to try this and then at the end of the year the doctor wants to try some supplements that will focus more on her brain and the pathways from it to the rest of her body! Pray that this will make a difference and pray that God will give us the financial means to proceed! None of the biomedical treatment is covered by insurance but it has been more beneficial then pharmaceutical medicine! Makenzie is also doing very well in therapy and seems to be making many improvements every day! I have so much more to say but I need to call it a night. Thank You all for your prayers and support they have been such a wonderful blessing.


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