Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Update

Makenzie is doing well! Christmas is quickly approching and the boys are getting very excited! Hopfully we will get some therapy next week but it will also be nice to have a little break. We went to Children's today to get fitted for new AFO's (braces to support her feet) and got a perfect mold. Hopefully they will fit her much better then the first pair that were made.

She was so happy yesterday and seems to be starting to giggle more often. she is also starting to reach out to me when I go to pick her up! She still has a long way to go in the arm department but the big improvement is that she is starting to get movement of her arms in the correct direction! Most of the time when she tries to reach out she ends up pulling her arms tighter into her body. She is starting to break out of that pattern. She is also starting to put weight on both of her hands and is pushing herself up through her shoulders! YEAH GOD!!!!


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