Thursday, December 20, 2007


OT today was GREAT!!! Makenzie ENJOYED a Push Pop sucker! At first we couldn't decide if she even wanted anything to do with the sucker. She did! She was frustrated because she couldn't eat it fast enough. I held her in my arms and she opened her mouth time and time again! We put it on her lips first an then got it into her cheeks. Then the most wonderful thing happened.... She moved her tongue over to the side of her mouth to find the sucker!!! She found it on both sides!!!! We then moved it back to the front of her mouth and she closed her a few times around the sucker and attempted to suck on it once! This sounds like a very simple and easy task but what Makenzie did today we have been waiting to see for months. Her therapist was thrilled! It is nothing short of a MIRACLE!!! Thank You Jesus!!! She was also a happy little girl most of the day. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! Keep praying for this continued gift of healing for Makenzie.


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