Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we have so much to be thankful for! Four beautiful children, a house to live in, and most importantly a loving God to give us HOPE for tomorrow! As for Makenzie, the thank you list is expansive. For starters she is alive! She doesn't have seizures. She is smiling, learning how to roll and sit, responding to her name, watching everything around her, gaining weight, moving her arms and legs purposefully, bearing weight into her arms, getting a protective response, losing tone,and protecting her airway are the big ones. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You God!

We also are so thankful for all of our friends, family, and church for being so supportive through the last nine months. Without all of you guys we wouldn't be where we are today! Thank you all so much for your prayers, donations of time, food, money and so much more! Thank You to all of the Doctors, nurses therapists, caseworkers, paramedics,and firemen who have taken such a wonderful interest in the healing of our beautiful little girl. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

At the end of my list of blessings we have one request for prayer. Makenzie has been struggling on and off with Acid Reflux.Because of her tone she also has some motility issues in her bowels. In other words her stomach isn't emtying fast enough and then the reflux kicks in and she spits or throws up. There is medication for this but the side effects are not good. There is also surgery to prevent this but that would require anithsetic, heavy drugs , and recovery. Far from ideal! Please pray for healing in her little gut with out the need for surgery or drugs.

Please keep praying for Makenzie. She is healing very quickly but her journey to full recovery is far from over! Thank You all again for everything!


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