Friday, October 12, 2007

Adam's Camp Scholarship

We want to thank Mrs. Sally Gart and The Jerry Gart Family Foundation for giving Makenzie a very generous scholarship so that she will be able to attend Adam's Camp in November. This camp will be a wonderful healing experience for Makenzie through 5 days of specialized intensive therapy. Below is some additional information on Adam's Camp. Once again THANK YOU Mrs. Gart for giving our daughter this amazing opportunity!!!!

Adam's Camp Mission
The mission of Adam's Camp is to maximize the strengths and potential of children and young adults with special needs by bringing together dedicated families with outstanding professionals and volunteers to provide specialized intensive therapy programs, family support and recreational camps.

Program highlights include:

¶ Half-day program for 5 consecutive days. Three hours of therapy daily based on individualized treatment plan. Parents participate throughout.

¶ Each child gets some combination of one-on-one OT, PT, speech and music therapy daily.

¶ Transdisciplinary goal-centered treatment. Professional team includes 4 pediatric therapists and 2 volunteers who work exclusively with 4 children throughout the week.

¶ Parent conference at end of week includes picture report and written follow-up recommendations for home, school, year-round therapists, pediatricians and other providers.


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