Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fun With All of My Friends

I go to preschool for two and a half hours four days a week. I love school! I am in a normal classroom with kids my age. I get to sing and dance in circle time! I play in the sensory table with sand, water, ice, and other funny feeling things! I get to paint, play with play dough, and read books! When it is nice outside I go to the playground to swing and slide! I have a lot of people at school to help me! I have a PT, OT, and Speech therapist. I also have a class room teacher, a special education teacher, and an aid. At school they have lots of toys that I can play with by myself by pushing a switch! They have balls, bolsters, and therapy swings too.

Before I started going to school my mommy had to sit down with all of my teachers and the school district to write an Individual Education Plan or an IEP. All of my therapists came along to explain my needs so that I would get the right services. This took a long time and has to be re-evaluated often as my needs continue to change!

It was very hard for my mommy to send me to school but it has been a nice break for her! She gets to run errands and do things around the house without any interruptions. Some times she even gets to have lunch with her friends. She is amazed how much can be done in two hours!


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