Wednesday, March 28, 2007


After our first trip to Arizona for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy we learned about sensory learning. We were very excited that there was a treatment out there to help reconnect all of my senses. I could see and hear but I didn't understand any of it. I would jump when I heard loud noises but never looked towards them. I could see but I didn't follow anything with my eyes at all!

So the second time we made the trip to Arizona we also did Sensory Learning at SIRRI in Tempe, AZ. It was crazy! We had to get up and drive to HBOT and then all the way across town to SIRRI. Then mommy would stop and get some lunch so that we could go back to the other side of town for more HBOT. Then it was back to SIRRI for one more session. In there somewhere mommy also managed to get me PT and OT at a clinic in Pheniox!

During Sensory learning I started looking at things with my eyes! My mommy was so excited when I followed a toy all the way from one side to the other! She also said she noticed that I was starting to look at people when they would walk into the room! HUGE!!!

Since then I have done Sensory learning 2 more times and each time I have gained more sensory awareness! I am processing things a whole lot faster! I am truely and miracle!!!

SIRRI of Arizona

"Brains are more alike than they are different. Everyone has Emergent Faculties, and they are the common denominator among diverse populations such as those shown in Figure 3. It is this common element that enables the Sensory Learning Program to be highly effective even across diverse populations. When the brainstem area becomes better organized, higher cortical activities such as math, reading, written and oral expressive language, receptive language and general spatial/temporal orientation are more easily learned and refined. They depend on a good foundation of neurosensory faculties in the brainstem area. The Sensory Learning Program simultaneously re-educates the individual's primary sensory functions and retrains their Emergent Faculties. When these faculties are integrated, sensory functioning is effortless and integrated, the individual is highly adaptive, body movements are well coordinated, learning is easy and appropriate behavioral responses are natural outcomes."


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