Friday, October 6, 2006

Week 3

Disneyland 2009 9-27-09

Disneyland was GREAT!!! I don't care what anyone says, I still think it is the most magical place on earth!

We went with some good friends and all of the kids did wonderful! We were able to ride ALL of the kids rides. Makenzie loves the stimulation! Her favorite ride was the Matterhorn! For those of you that have never been.... that is a ROLLER COASTER! She belly laughed the whole time!!! I was amazed!

We stopped for lunch and Makenzie ate too! That is the best feeling ever!

It is amazing also to see the changes in Makenzie since we went to Disney World with the whole family in July! Not only did she look at everything during a ride she followed specific things until they were out of site! AMAZING!!!

We left at about 5:30pm and headed back home. Julie and Joey stayed the night and we had a great time just chatting. Makenzie had her first sleep over!

This has been a great trip! We have done therapy but we have also had a GREAT time as well! We have been to the beach, the aquarium, I got to go to dinner alone with friends, and Disney Land! We have seen many friends and as our time her draws to an end I am starting to miss them already!

Please continue to pray for health and healing! Makenzie is doing great and I pray that this progress continues as we carry it over at home!

Day 11 9-28-09


Savannah is one of Makenzie's new friends!!!

Monday mornings! My poor girl just looks at me with the I can't believe we are here again look! well I have good news for you Princess Makenzie... this is the last Monday!!!

I know that Makenzie can not do Suit therapy every day for the rest of her life but I am so torn! The Napa Center is amazing. The people here new and old have been so great! Unlike all of my other trips, with the exception of part of our Florida trip, I am comfortable. The only thing that is missing is my boys and extended family.

I really do love all of you normal people (LOL Is normal even possible!?) but I have met some truly amazing people here in CA. People who get it. ALL of it! I have had so many conversations this week that have made so much since. The support has been amazing and fun! There are not too many people I know that understand the accommodations it takes to bring Makenzie to a place like Disneyland. Well, here I got to be part of understanding that for my friend while she understood for me. How many people find it fun to stay up eating pizza while enjoying a 2 way conversation about new seating systems, stem cells, and modified vans? I don't know many! In 4 days it will be gone. I will go back to being on the Internet and telephone. That part SUCKS!

I miss my kids, I miss my bed, I miss my life. I don't miss not having the connections I have found here. On top of the fact that I didn't get to see one of my best friend's who is only 6 hours away because she was really sick! This was our chance and it has now come and gone! CRAP!

As I said before, God has plans that for everything! None of this is just about Makenzie. I try to remind myself of that often. Yes, we came here for therapy but we are leaving with so much more.

Kenz is still eating really well and she did a great job standing as well!!! She is doing so well!!! The connections she has made with these new therapists in the last 2 weeks are also so amazing!

Please keep praying for health and healing! We are almost done! I had to wipe and suck Makenzie's nose tonight which has me worried! We are SOOOOO close! Please say an extra prayer that we can stay healthy!

Day 12 9-29-09

Well Makenzie has a cold! She has a very stuffy nose but she was soooo happy today! All smiles and tons of laughter. Yes, we still had some crying but over all so was in the best mood ever!!!!!

Makenzie is looking so good! She is doing great in all fours and her standing looks great! We are going to have graduation tomorrow because one of the therapists will not be there on Fri. I am so excited to hear what Makenzie's therapists have to say about her progress!

Even though Makenie is congested she did pretty good eating today. She wants salt! Cheetos are her favorite but she is also really liking avocado and cottage cheese with a bit of sea salt! The face she makes when I try to give her anything sweet is priceless! That is just not normal! (ladies that is for you and your long line of ______) (Sorry inside joke I couldn't help myself!)

I had some potentially really good new fall into my lap today about further treatment for Makenzie and it has me overwhelmed at the moment. I am not going to go into details as there is some footwork that needs to be done first but I am going to ask for prayers on making the right decision and listening to God when making this decision. If is is meant to be God will make it happen! If not that will be ok to... I guess.. JK. Just Pray!

Please also pray that Makenzie would get over this cold like NOW!!! Pray for continued health and healing! Pray for my boys back at home who are missing their mommy! Pray for safe travels home as our trip back is approaching very quickly!

I forgot my camera at NAPA today so I don't have pictures from this morning to share but I do have a treat that was e mailed to me today! The pictures in today's post were taken during the first week of therapy by the grandmother of one of Makenzie's new friends! Enjoy!!

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Day 13 9-30-2009

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Day 13! WOW! I can't believe we are almost done! This has been beyond a wonderful experience! Makenzie has grown so much in the last 17 days! We have stayed so busy and I am starting to wear down! I can only imagine how Makenzie feels but I am sure it is about the same!

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Today was another great day! Makenzie is doing so well! She started the day of with some decongestant and ended it with no congestion at all! Thank You so much for all of the prayers for health! We are truly feeling them tonight!

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As I watched Makenzie today I could see very clearly the areas in which she has improved! First was the strength in her shoulders and arms! In all fours she is taking weight through her arms, shoulders, and hands, without her shoulders giving out! WOW! She is not pushing all of the way up on her own yet but as she builds up those muscles she will! She stood in the spider cage today for the first time since about day 3 and she looked so much better! She took weight through both feet evenly with out pulling up her feet for much longer! Her head control is improved and her flexion has decreased a ton! These are all of the baby steps she needs to continue to move forward! I am so proud of my baby girl!!!

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2 days left! Pray they are good ones!

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Day 14 10-1-2009

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The NAPA Center is AMAZING!!! We only have one day left! I am tired! I feel like I am getting a cold and I miss my kids but I am so sad at the same time that it is time to go!!! I am having a really hard time putting my feelings into words right now and I don't think I am even going to try.

I have a lot to do tonight as Julie and Joey are going to come over after therapy and hang out one last time before we leave. This is the part of trips like this that stink. I wish I could have the best of both worlds! Too bad life doesn't work like that!

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers! Pray for a safe last day and trip home!!! Believe... Prayer works!!!!

Day 15 10-2-2009

I really hate goodbyes! It is so hard!

Today was our last day at the NAPA center! Makenzie had the best day yet and went out with a BANG! They worked her hard and then we had a bit of time to just play!!! She loved it!

She jumped in the spider cage with help! She started really high up without her feet on the ground and she thought that was so much fun! Makenzie LOVES movement!

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Then we lowered the bungies so that she could touch the ground. She did much better then I thought she would! This kid ALWAYS amazeses me! She stood up SOOOO straight! At first she was way up on her toes but as she realized she was in control and it didn't hurt she came down onto her whole foot!!!! WOW!!! She also did a great job of lifting her WHOLE trunk up when she fell! AMAZING! She has gotten SOOOO strong! Then we asked her to jump. Guess what ?..... SHE DID!!!! Now she didn't really make it off the ground but you can see in the video that she is bending her legs and trying to lift her feet off the ground! I am just in awe at the healing that has happened in the last few months!

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She also got to fly again! She did a MUCH better job of getting her head up! So proud!!!

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After our goodbyes at the center Julie and Joey came down and we hung out! I did a bit of packing and then we took the kids to the beach!!! They BOTH loved it!!!!! It was so much fun to stand next to Julie on the beach. Another mother, another friend, on the beach, with our belly laughing kids! I am sure it was a site to see but I sooooo wish I could just make time stand still for a while!

After our adventure in the sand and surf Kelly and her son joined us for some more socializing. Then the goodbyes! TEARS!!! I am so happy tonight because I feel so blessed to have spent so much time with these wonderful women but I am sooooo sad that I will have to continue this friendship from hundreds of miles away!!!

We will be back. I know the goodbyes aren't forever but it still hurts on a very deep level! I think that I am denial that I am really leaving in the morning! I have the sweatshirts and long pants out ready for a change in climate, I can't wait to see my boys, but I am in denial that I will not get up in the morning to start my day with a cup of coffee at the center with Julie, Joey and the rest of the gang! Summer Camp is over! LOL!!!!

Pray for peace, safe travels, and as always continued healing!!!!

Home Sick Home 10-3-2009

We made it!

Our flight home went well. We were delayed about an hour and got home around 6pm. I was a long day but I think I can say with much certainty that we are professional travelers!

Makenzie was so happy to see her brothers and the first thing they had to say was how proud they were that she could eat Cheetos!!! Kids!

Makenzie did not stop laughing from the time we walked in the door until the time I layed her down in bed! She loves her brothers so much!!!

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However, most of us over here are now SICK!!! I have what feels like ahead cold. Makenzie has all but gotten over her cold, my oldest missed to days of school with a fever and exhaustion(had him cultured for flu with negative results), and now I have one with a fever and vomit! Back to reality!!! I guess I will be taking him in for a culture in the morning!!

Please, please, please pray for health! Makenzie worked so hard and really doesn't need to be sick right now!!! I am going to head to bed as I am exhausted but a HUGE thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!!!! They mean so much!!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!

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