Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 2

Here We Go Again... Day 6 9-21-09

Mondays are hard!!!

As yesterday was winding down I started to get anxious about the morning! Unlike last Monday, I knew what today would bring! Crying, and lots of it! I know that this is so good for Makenzie! She feels so loose and she is doing really well with tall kneel, all fours, and standing! That doesn't make watching it any easier! I am tired! If I had to guess, it is not physical exhaustion, but emotional.

Sunday Makenzie and I didn't change out of our jammies until 3pm! We ran to the store and picked up a few things for the week and then came back took a shower and put Kenzie to bed. It was a really nice relaxing day!

I got Makenzie some pudding and a few other smooth things. Why? Makenzie has been vocalizing when I eat and wants to EAT!!! When we were at Chilies in Long Beach every time I would take a bite she would follow the fork to my mouth and make a sound. I asked her if she wanted a bite and she gave me a huge smile! I told her she had to tell me with her voice and she did OVER and OVER! She did it again last night when I was eating dinner! So I have started giving her small bits again with a TON of success!! She is not consuming a lot of food but she is very receptive about eating and seems to enjoy it which is HUGE! Feeding her has always been a fight! She has never WANTED to eat! WOW!!! Go God! Go Stem Cells! Go IMOT, Go Tomatis, but really all that needs to be said is THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Therapy started off today kinda rough this morning. Makenzie knew the second we walked in the door that she didn't want to be there!

She cried.... and cried.... and cried! I have noticed that the first 2 hours are the worst. After that it seems to get much easier.

After stretching and putting on the nuero suit they put her on the treadmill. I didn't feel the need to take anymore agonizing pictures or videos of that activity! I think that is by far her least favorite activity. This doesn't make since to me as she loves to walk. Who knows!

Then we moved onto crawling. They made a ramp for her and had her crawl up it. Even threw all of the crying she looked GREAT! She still doesn't want to hold her head up but she is doing a ton better putting weight into her hands, arms, elbows, and knees without extending her hips and legs! Go Kenz!

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Then she worked on sit to stand using the wall ladder. She did great with this as well and was able to push with her butt and legs with her hands on the ladder above her! She even pulled her head up on her own!

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During our short break Makenzie and I played in the ball pit! She loved it!

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After we worked in the cage on more sitting and weight bearing. She also continues to well lifting weights with her arms and legs!

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Then standing! Today she got to stand with her buddy Joey! They had sooooo much fun playing the drums together!

Look at them both looking at each other!

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On to Tomatis we went. They did a ton of swinging with Makenzie today! She did really good and seemed to enjoy most all of it!

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Thanks so much for hanging in there with us! We are having a GREAT trip! Please pray for continued health and healing!! Believe... Prayer Works!

Day 7.. 9-22-09

We are HALFWAY done already! WOW!

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Makenzie has been such a trooper! I am so proud of her!!!

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She had a great day! Not as much crying today! YEAH! I hope that continues!

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The really cool thing is that she is still eating REALLY well! She has been taking about 10 bites for me 3 ish times a day with NO coughing or gagging!!! This is about 30 more bites of food then she has taken in one day in a really long time! The best part is that she WANTS to eat! She has had a smile on her face every time! This is COMPLETELY new! Normally I fight with her the whole time!! I am so excited!!!

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I have been incredibly tired the last few days! I was talking to a friend that has taken her child to Napa a couple of times and said that she felt the same way! It was so good to know that I wasn't crazy! This has just taken a ton out of me! I feel great during the day but man when we walk threw the door in the afternoon I am done! I guess I need a coffee on the way home! LOL!

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Makenzie's therapists are flying in tomorrow to hang out with us and see how Makenzie is doing! I am sooo excited! I miss them so much! It is crazy how much a part of my families life they have become! I love it!

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Makenzie is sleeping well! I fell asleep with her from 6pm to 9pm and now I am wide awake! AHHHHHHH! Oh well! Thanks for praying! Please keep praying for health and healing! Pray that Makenzie would continue to do awesome and that she would continue eating! As I was hanging out tonight with God I asked for a few specific things. I try not to do this often as I know that God has a plan and will heal Makenzie in the perfect way in the order that is best for his glory and for Makenzie but I (the human mama bear) really want to see my beautiful, smart and deserving daughter, be able to reach and play, hug, hold things, and maybe even hit her brothers when they are bugging her! LOL!!! So tonight my prayers were for Makenzie to get a lot more movement in her hands and arms! That she would be able to reach and grab. That she could give a hug! Pray with me!

Day 8..9-23-09

Let me tell you how much I love Starbucks gift cards! A TON!

I was going through a bunch of stuff before we left and I ran across a few gift cards from Christmas and birthdays. I grabbed them and threw them in my pocket to take with me! Oh the joys of a Caramel Macchiato first thing in the morning before a 6 hour cry fest!

Ok so the crying has gotten a bit better. She is still crying but it seems to be getting shorter and she is having spurts of calm even during activities that she really doesn't like! Such a trooper!

She looked MUCH better on the treadmill this morning and was doing some great pushing through her arms too! Tall knell is looking great and she is trying to curl up a lot less. I am so excited to see her moving...yes with help... in all fours as this was a position that we have only gotten her in for a few seconds at a time at home. All in all this is sooooooo good for her even though it is a ton of work! Kinda like going to the gym and working out for 4 hours straight with out stopping. Think about that for just one moment!!!!

We are really working on weight bearing in both her arms and legs with is just what the doctor ordered! Makenzie is not fond of doing this but her dislike is what is hurting her. Especially her right hip. We have gained so many great ideas during this trip! Many of them serious money savers!

When we got home I started to feel really tired again so I decided that instead of giving into it we were going to go for a walk on the beach. It was the perfect day with a heavy fog over the ocean blocking the sun. We walked about 10 blocks down the beach and up a monster sized hill and found a really fun restaurant called Panchos. We sat down and ate some dinner. Makenzie was SOOOO tired so I ended up taking most of it home in a to go box but we still had fun!

Here was the scenery of our walk! This place is sooooo beautiful!!! I wish we had more time to just sit and enjoy!

We are at the halfway point. Today was hump day! Please keep praying for health and healing! Please also pray for the boys and my parents at home! This has been a GREAT trip so far. Makenzie had come so far and I have learned so much! Believe... Prayer Works!

Beach Therapy Day 9 and 10 9/24 and 9/25/2009

Where do I even begin! LOL

First with an I'm sorry for missing the last couple of days!

We have been so busy! Weds night Makenzie's PT and OT flew in to LA to hang out and see Makenzie. They also receive a more broad training on the Neuro Suit so that we can continue to progress Makenzie with this tool!

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Makenzie did GREAT on Thursday and Friday. A lot more of the same activities and a lot less crying!

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There are a couple of REALLY BIG things that we are seeing right now with Makenzie. The first and most exciting is that she is EATING! Not only is she eating she is LIKING it! Last night we got Makenzie to roll for a bite of guacamole! WOW!!! Today she practiced CHEWING... yes I said chewing! She thought that Cheetos were the best! She has really been liking avocado, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, pudding and mashed potatoes! Not so fond of yogurt or applesauce!

This just amazes me because she has not wanted anything to do with ANYTHING in her mouth for at least the last 8 months and all of the sudden she LIKES it! AMAZING! Thank You Jesus!!!

The second is that she is SOOOO loose! Her flexion has reduced drastically and she is making more movements with her arms. I have been taking her to a chiropractor/craniocacral doctor here and he has managed to unsissor her C1 and C2 vertebrae and has also recorded marked and sustained looseness and movement in her pelvis and shoulders! This means that her hip is IMPROVING! WOW! I am so encouraged right now and am so thankful for God's continued healing!

Last night one of the assistants from NAPA came over to the condo and watched Makenzie so that we could all go out to dinner! It was soooo awesome to get to go out with adults! I love my daughter but it was a great night and I didn't really even worry about Makenzie because I new she was in great hands! Thank you so much K!!!

Today we made it down to the beach! OH MAN! What I have been waiting 2 weeks for!!! I have been to the beach many times this last couple of weeks but to have some extra friends and great company made it even more wonderful!!! Makenzie loves the beach and we all left pretty wet! She got to play in the sand and of course the surf is still her favorite!

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Makenzie got to bed on time tonight for the first time in a couple of days and I hope she sleeps well because tomorrow we are going to DISNEY LAND!!!!!! I am so excited!

I have lots to do tonight so I am going to sign off for now! Please keep praying for health and healing! Pray for God to continue to show his face and that all of the glory would be his! Also there are more pictures of the last few days on dropshots.

Believe..... Prayer Works!!!

Disneyland 2009.. 9/27/09

Disneyland was GREAT!!! I don't care what anyone says, I still think it is the most magical place on earth!

We went with some good friends and all of the kids did wonderful! We were able to ride ALL of the kids rides. Makenzie loves the stimulation! Her favorite ride was the Matterhorn! For those of you that have never been.... that is a ROLLER COASTER! She belly laughed the whole time!!! I was amazed!

We stopped for lunch and Makenzie ate too! That is the best feeling ever!

It is amazing also to see the changes in Makenzie since we went to Disney World with the whole family in July! Not only did she look at everything during a ride she followed specific things until they were out of site! AMAZING!!!

We left at about 5:30pm and headed back home. Julie and Joey stayed the night and we had a great time just chatting. Makenzie had her first sleep over!

This has been a great trip! We have done therapy but we have also had a GREAT time as well! We have been to the beach, the aquarium, I got to go to dinner alone with friends, and Disney Land! We have seen many friends and as our time her draws to an end I am starting to miss them already!

Please continue to pray for health and healing! Makenzie is doing great and I pray that this progress continues as we carry it over at home!


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